Letter to the Most High.

 Dear God, It’s been long I sent you something really personal. Even the words of prayer I was taught within the four corners of the building you call sacred have been really difficult to utter. It feels like I’ve been doing good without you, but at the same time, I know my sins are way too heavy to lift to your altar. Let’s leave my sins aside, I’m here to talk about things of more importance. Don’t get me wrong, forgiveness of my sins is of outmost importance, but have you seen the figures lately? I mean the ones claimed by the pandemic? Yeah, you must have; you are all knowing. I’m beginning to feel it’s selfish to say “thank you” for saving just me and my family. Lord, it was just one fruit and you gave us colon cancer? HIV, malaria, and even asthma? Let me not downplay that, I know you gave your orders. How many more generations must go before you reach out to support us? While still searching for answers, the men you told to lead us have told us so many lies, and they shun us when we ask questions. They said you and your son are one and the same, but isn’t it hypocrisy that you had to come to the earth to kill yourself so that we can believe in you, while telling us that there’s a father in heaven who is all loving, but still here on earth collecting all his children? Well, what do I know? Maybe my mind is too small to understand that scope, but what’s up with the place you’ve destined we sinners to go, after paying the wages of our sins through death? Don’t you feel that’s cold? I’m not saying all these to challenge you, but there are just too many stories surrounding our existence that some of us aren’t sure what being misled is. I’ve been told several times to talk to you if I have any question, and seek you for earthly guidance; this isn’t the first letter I’ll write; Lord break the silence!  Why does life have to be “give and take”, but the amount given is way more than we get? To find answers, must I always lose myself and open a new chapter; must I always first get depressed? I just hope I get a letter in your handwriting. The Bible you gave man has too many translations, I don’t trust if it’s still in your words. Everyone has something “logical” to say; really, isn’t that what religion is all about; reasoning and logic? Lord, I’m sorry if I touched some nerves, I’m just a lost pilgrim trying to find my way, while searching for peace and rest through the test you’ve set.     © 6th.